5 Ways You Can Get Affordable Money Advice in 2021

Ranging from Free to $100 a month.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

1. Workplace Financial Wellness

What if you had access to personalized advice, online courses, and a library of sophisticated money management tools…and your employer covered the bill?

2. Pro Bono Financial Planning

If a friend needs advice and I can’t personally help them, I tell them to check out xyplanningnetwork.com, a marketplace that matches early-career professionals with fiduciary financial advisors.

3. Online Communities

When you have a question about money or investing, where do you go? For me, it’s always been the internet, and online communities like Quora and Reddit rarely let me down. These platforms bring together two types of people:

4. Personal Finance Courses

If you’re someone who enjoys a structured learning experience, then a personal finance course might be your thing. You get tons of value, accountability, and a clear plan for how to take action.

5. Financial Planning Subscriptions

If you’re planning for a major life event — like buying a home, getting married, or having kids — working with a financial advisor can be a smart investment.

Final Thought

Your financial health is connected to your overall health. When things don’t feel right with your money — it creates stress that can affect your work, relationships, even your happiness.

Helping you do more with your time and money — Financial Coach, Blogger, Entrepreneur // anthony@farther.com

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