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Wealth Advisor, Blogger, Entrepreneur — Get 3 ideas to grow your money smarter:

But you’re not early, either. Five practical steps before you invest, according to my Linkedin connections.

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I’ve been posting on Linkedin for the last year. Mostly about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and the occasional crypto idea. I work in finance and talk to clients about this stuff every day. My post ideas come from questions I hear again and again.

  • How should I invest my money?
  • When should I exercise my stock options?
  • Are financial advisors worth the cost?
  • What should I include in a financial plan?

The world of personal finance goes deep and wide, confusing even the smartest of…

Tips for new entrepreneurs and executives.

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There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Do you know who has this random fact memorized? Executives and entrepreneurs.

The CEO is the modern-day superhero. They get the glory, the power, and the money. That’s what you see, anyway, thanks to the “How I Became Successful Overnight” stories that leave out the human details.

Hell, most of us want to be in their shoes. Ask any Stanford or MIT grad what they want to be when they grow up, and you’ll get two answers.

1. Entrepreneur

2. CEO

But rarely do you see the Effective Executive’s real life, where they…

And one problem it may never solve.

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Fintech stands for financial technology. But there’s SO much that falls into the fintech ecosystem.

  • money management apps
  • banking and credit
  • payments technology
  • cryptocurrency

The list goes on for a mile. Fintech is infiltrating every corner of every industry. Even Walmart is getting in on the action.

“Software is eating the world.”


Now, software and technology are gunning for Wall Street. Hoping to fix decades of excess, inefficiency, and lies that have kept DIY investors from getting the tools they need.

But I’m not interested in the fintech landscape as a…

Adjust your plan now to avoid getting burned later.

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Are you on the path to early retirement? Or maybe you’re thinking about it, but it seems too audacious of a goal to aim for. After all, how many people do you know who’ve actually made it all the way there?

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. After more than eight years of working in every corner of Finance — I’ve come to realize that personal financial success is *not* about choosing the best stocks or having a high income.

It’s about careful planning. And avoiding mistakes, the BIG ones, that can blow everything up. …

Ranging from Free to $100 a month.

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Financial advice has officially gone digital. Apps, monthly subscriptions, and the ability to meet with a financial advisor from anywhere, as long as there’s WiFi, all make it easier to get help with your money goals in 2021.

But which options are worth your time and money?

As a lifelong finance geek and advisor to young professionals in tech — here are my five recommendations for getting money advice on a budget.

1. Workplace Financial Wellness

What if you had access to personalized advice, online courses, and a library of sophisticated money management tools…and your employer covered…

For 2021, and beyond…

This ultimate list of money apps, products, and advice is a free edition of my weekly newsletter, MoneyList. If you find these tools helpful, consider joining by clicking here. Enjoy!


Job search


Equity & stock options

Three parts — cash, retirement, and moonshots.

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After a decade of studying personal finance and becoming an “expert,” many of my friends come to me for money advice. On any given day, my inboxes are full of questions like;

  • Which stocks should I buy?
  • Is it better to use a 401(k) or Roth IRA?
  • Are robo advisors all they’re hyped up to be?

Unsurprisingly, most questions are about investing. Instead of answering each email and text individually — I created a simple framework that any of my friends can use to invest in their 20s and 30s.

It’s a 3-part strategy that helps you grow your money…

Photo by Ali Kokab on Unsplash

As a financial planner, it’s easy to get lost in the sexy part of the job: helping people invest and grow their way to financial freedom.

But without an emergency fund, financial freedom isn’t possible. There are too many things that can blow up your finances along the way.

So to help you avoid starting at square one with your money goals, here’s everything you need to know about emergency funds — including why they matter, how to build one, and what to do when yours is full.

What’s the point of an emergency fund?

It’s cash you set aside just for emergencies. When life throws you…

“What the hell is a fiduciary?”

Photo: Startup Stock Photos/Pexels

Hiring an expert to help you make a plan for your money is one of the smartest and most terrifying decisions you can make as an adult. Most people in their 20s and 30s avoid it altogether, citing reasons like:

  • I don’t make enough to hire an expert
  • My finances aren’t that complicated
  • I have no clue what to even look for

Wallstreet has convinced us for decades that financial planning is for the rich; not young professionals.

And you know what? They’re right.

Most millennials don’t need a $10,000 financial plan, investment management, complicated tax or estate planning, or…

Anthony Carlton

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